How CryptoCurrencies will save the World!

‘tnks 4 visiting’
‘would love 2 show U more if u join’

and guess what:
by reading this, U AllReady DID! 😉

Ever thought about what Monies R really backed by nowadays?
Some say, the Gold standard is long gone…

So is IT just our minds or a general flaw in imagination that backs monies by the assumption of possible ownership.

U can’t Own Life! Nevertheless, By Brute Force Ur Able to put an end to IT!

By using the tools of Guilt and Debt and by the simple means of killing billions, a small minority was able to convince the masses of fellow humans that they now own the planet, our mother.

‘yes that’s right’

Company  No#1 TheRomanCatholiX will B Sued to Pay Reparations For all their Criminal Acts Committed in the last 2000+ years and loose Their Roman Heritage, The Land Of Indians & The Monopoly of deciding what’s Good & GOD!

The Interest On Interest & Weapons will B abolished and CryptoCurrencies so called ‘shit coins’ enable anybody to b bank, and create Monies backed by life.

‘snap out of IT’


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